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Trailer Repair, Fargo, ND

We offer trailer repair and high-quality parts to keep your trailer in great condition.

Preserving the integrity of your trailer is essential for safe driving, prolonging the life of your machinery, and lowering the risk of malfunctions. At Sparks Trailers LLC, we offer a wide selection of parts and accessories, as well as trailer repair services. One such service we provide onsite is full brake hub assemblies.

Trailer Repair in Fargo, North Dakota

The wheel bearings included in hub assemblies are what make the wheels spin smoothly. Wheel bearings that are operating properly reduce heat and friction, which prevents early deterioration. Frequent hub assembly maintenance and inspections assist in spotting wheel bearing problems early on, allowing you to avoid potential failures that can lead to accidents. Beyond hub assemblies, our trailer repair team offers other trailer repair services, or we can order the parts you need to make your own repairs. Either way, you have the backing of our team and more than 25 years of experience on your side.

Proper trailer repair services are key to your trailer’s stability as you travel down the road, which means it keeps you, your drivers, and the inventory in the trailer protected as well. Whether it’s hub assemblies or something else, this isn’t an area you want to skimp on. Preventive maintenance and timely replacement of worn-out parts can save on expensive repairs and possible harm to other trailer components.

For any owner or operator of a trailer, prioritizing maintenance and trailer repair is a responsible and essential practice. If you’re in need of trailer parts or trailer repair in the Fargo, North Dakota area, contact our team today.

At Sparks Trailers LLC, we provide trailer repair services for those from Battle Lake, St. Paul, Duluth, and Minneapolis, Minnesota, as well as Williston, Bismarck, and Fargo, North Dakota.

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